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About Me

With over 13 years of experience in IT, Richard is a skilled engineer who is capable of implementing, migrating and maintaining complex environments.

Finetuning Linux installations for specific applications is also one of his speciality's.
As an addition to his daily work, Richard provides Web/VPS/Mail hosting for a select group as well.
For more information about our webhosting service, please refer to our 'Webhosting' or 'VPS hosting' section.

Richard can be described as;

No 9 - 5 mentality
Hard working
Problem solving
Creative thinker
Team player / Self-starter

For more information about Richard, please refer to his Resume (Curriculum Vitae).
You can also take a look at his 'Consultancy' page.


Due to spam I removed my CV from my site, please contact me for my CV.


Due to spam I removed my CV from my site, please contact me for my CV.


Richard's skill set contains;

Linux - RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse
Unix - Solaris, SCO, HP-UX, AIX
ESX - 3.5, 4.x, 5.1
Windows (Client)- XP, 7, NT
Windows (Server)- 2000, 2003, 2008
Programming / Scripting - Shell (bash / sh), (X/D)HTML, css, php, python
Backup & Storage - Viritas, Legato, TSM, Amanda, Powerpath,
Multipath, L8700/L180/L700 Tape library's, NFS, Samba / Cifs
Sun/Hitachi HDS 6130 & HDS 9980, NetApp, EMC Celerra
Mail environments - Exim, Postfix, Sendmail, Courier, Kerio, Exchange
Deployment tools - HP Server Automotive, Altiris, Kickstart
Configuration Management - CFEngine, Puppet
Monitoring - Cacti, Xymon / Hobbit, HP Openview, Nagios, Opsview
RPM Building
HTTP Servers - Apache, Lighttpd, ISS
Databases - MSSQL, MySQL
Directory services - Active Directory, Open Directory, OpenLDAP, eDirectory


Richard is currently NOT available.

Richard can be contacted for 1-3 day jobs, you will have to notify him at least 3 week in advance.

Server Status and Maintenance

You can check our Server status on this page as well as maintenance messages.
We advice you to bookmark this page.

Server Migration, TBA 2013

No history yet.

Systemload of our webserver: 0.05, 0.09
Number of webserver processes running on our webserver: 8
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Webhosting Bronze

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Webhosting Silver

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Webhosting Gold

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Webhosting Platinum

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Webhosting Diamon

TBA 2013

VPS Price

VPS slots are all filled up.

VPS Availability

Our VPS services are currently NOT available.

3d-it Consultancy offers VPS services based on ESXi 5.x.

At tis moment all VPS slots are full and we are working on new hardware / extending current hardware.

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